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Cookie Law - Is Your Site Compliant?

On May 26th 2011 a new EU law came into effect that required website owners to make changes to their sites to obtain consent from site visitors before they can store or retrieve any information, using Cookies, on a computer or any other web connected device. Is your website compliant?

Cookies are text files that are stored on a user's computer/browser when they visit a website that uses them. They are used as a kind of memory and they enable the website to “remember” certain bits of information about the user. The aim of cookies is often to improve the website experience. However “Tracking Cookies” are also used to collect data about sites users have visited, to display relevant, personalised, content and advertising based on the user’s likes and dislikes. By requiring websites to inform and obtain explicit consent for the use of cookies, website users are given more control over their online privacy. 


What Has Changed?

If your website uses cookies, you need to be open with your customers about how you will use the information. You will need to:

  • Give clear and comprehensive information about why you are using cookies.

  • Obtain the website user’s consent to use them.

  • Tell the website user what information will be stored.

  • Give the website user the opportunity to refuse the continued storage of or access to any cookies on their computer.

  • Explain how users can turn the cookies off.

What Happens If I Don’t Make The Changes?

The UK’s Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has the power to fine website owners up to half a million pounds for serious breaches of this law. All websites should, by now, complied with the new legislation.

What Do I Need To Do?

In an attempt to help people the ICO issued some guidance on how to comply.  This can be summed up as:

  • Find out what cookies you are using on your website (Google Analytics, e-commerce, third party software integration all utilise cookies)

  • Work out which cookies you need to obtain consent for as there are some exceptions.

  • Work out how it will affect the running of your website.

  • Build a process of obtaining consent into your website.

  • Make sure that your privacy policy contains all the relevant information to comply.

How Can Peak Net Help?

In an attempt to help all our customers comply with the new legislation we can work with you to complete this task quickly and easily.

  • We can tell you what cookies you are using on your site – for example anybody using Google Analytics on the website will use cookies.

  • We can tell you which cookies you need to obtain consent for as there are some exceptions for the use of "necessary" cookies, such as those needed to add a product into a shopping basket.

  • We can help you build a process and statement of obtaining user consent into your website.

Need Some Help?

There are still people who have NOT implemented this into their websites.


It makes no difference that the UK has left the EU, this still applies to UK businesses.


If you would like some help, contact us now on 0345 222 6354 or email us so that we can schedule a review of your site, a quote for the work required and work with you to adapt your site to comply.