Peak Net Web Design, Derbyshire - Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus - We're Here To Help You!

We're Ready To Help You!

We appreciate that these are worrying and uncertain times for our customers and other businesses. Coronavirus has affected everyone in different ways. We are adopting a stance of "business as usual" as we can, and do, work in isolation of everyone else. We can do our meetings over the phone or via FaceTime/Skype/Zoom and if you need anything we are here at the end of the phone or email. 

Our Suppliers​

Our suppliers are well prepared and we are highly confident that their measures are robust in the event that life gets difficult due to staff shortages as a result of illness and self isolation. We will keep you updated via our website and social media pages as we are closely monitoring all key suppliers and their services. All our main technical suppliers are large businesses with significant resilience and well prepared contingency plans.

Your Business

While the full extent of the winter and this Covid variant is unfolding, we do know that things are changing rapidly and dramatically. It's a good idea to take precautionary measures to protect yourself, your employees and your business.  While hospitals and governments work to keep people healthy and safe, many businesses like ours and yours are continuing to provide customers with what they need during this pandemic. Lets try and help each other.


Communicate Proactively

Communicate proactively with your customers and your audience and let them know you are as prepared as you can be. Encourage your customers to put their trust in you. Use all the methods at your disposal - email, phone, online chat, blog, social media. If you are stuck and need help with any of those - contact us - we can help you.


Communicate Changes

It may be necessary to postpone events, services and/or appointments – if you need us to make changes to your website to reflect this then please let us know. It maybe necessary to change product inventory and delivery/fulfilment schedules depending on where your products and their components are made. You may want to use email marketing or online chat to let customers know about changes to your business or special offers. If you want to create a blog as a means to communicate with your customers, we can help you with any of these means of communication.


The important thing is to keep your customers in the loop. Update your website and social media pages regularly with any changes to your work hours, shipping/delivery delays or event/service cancellations. Add an FAQ section to your site to address customer concerns.


Check Your Policies

Make sure that your various policies reflect the current climate – shipping, refund and cancellation policies will need reviewing and you need to make customers and potential customers feel more secure about how you are handling the situation and that they can trust you to do business with.

Explore Online Options

If you have a brick and mortar location, and don’t already offer online shopping, can you get your customers to shop online? Offer click and collect, coupons, vouchers and discounts to make you more appealing. But, discount mindfully so you don’t negatively impact your revenue. Get creative and see what you can do to move traditionally offline operations into an online option.

Use Any Quiet Time Wisely!

If it gets quiet and you have the time and want to work on your future plans, ready for when an element of normality resumes (which it will) give me a shout! If you need any help or have worries about your online business - let’s chat! Try and use this situation to your advantage - it'll make you feel more positive and in control.


Support Your Fellow Business Owners!

Whether it’s a small corner shop, the local cafe, book shop, childcare provider, dog groomer or cleaning/ironing service - we are all in a bit of a state of limbo here! The government says that potentially 20+% of the work force will be off and for many that could mean they can’t operate, or need to operate for shorter hours. For sole traders that means the whole business could close for weeks: that’s no income at all. Owners and the self-employed are worried, worried about paying bills, about looking after staff and about being ill.

Please take the time to support your local small businesses while you can, especially during this uncertain time. Even just a show of support by sharing posts and calling to say "hi" will boost people’s spirits!


Do what you can, we need to stick together! In the meantime we hope that you and yours stay safe and healthy.

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