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Nancy Detchon - Peak Net Web Design



Peak Clarity

Take Control & Make The Change!

Peak Clarity is a process that helps female small business owners, new start ups and entrepreneurs clarify and de-clutter their brand so that their ideal clients sit up, take notice and take action and they shine online. Success doesn’t happen by accident and I provide you with a great structure and exciting journey that converts your vision and dreams into tangible, stunning, results that together we bring to life.

  • ​Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated trying to bring your plan together?

  • Have you tried creating your own branding and building your own site and found it is harder than you thought?

  • Do you lack the technical and design skills to turn your vision into a reality?

  • Are you struggling to create the visual side of the vision you have for your business?

  • Are you struggling to get the sort of clients you need?

  • Is everything taking too long and lack of progress is holding you back?

  • Are you frustrated trying to do everything on your own?

  • Are you at the stage where you just want to get going and make it happen NOW!

​Working with me you will feel confident, that you are in safe hands, and no longer alone, you can get excited at the possibilities, fired up and enthusiastic about your business dreams.

Knowledge is power. Take your business to the next level by identifying what exactly it's going to take to get you there! By knowing and understanding what you stand for and what you want for your business, it will set you on the road to total domination within your industry.

Let's get it done !

​Beautiful web sites and high achieving strategy, developed quickly, to give you a brand image to be proud of as you develop your growing business.


Efficient systems to help you market your business and a support service as and when you need me.

Hit the ground running and free yourself up to concentrate on your specialist subject, the business of running your business.

Feel the calm confidence of knowing exactly what to focus on because the hard work of sorting your online presence is DONE!


Hi, I'm Nancy. Web designer and business woman, avid reader of crime fiction, Mum to Ellie, Step Mum to Emily & Tom and other half of Martin (Critical Care Paramedic).

I'm lucky enough to live in a glorious little hamlet (half a dozen houses and one road in, one road out!) in The Peak District. Martin and I live in a Grade II Listed Building that we are slowly renovating.

​My mission is to inspire you and give you the tools you need to create the future we both know is possible. It’s time to turn your brilliant ideas into reality.

30+ years in business, project management and software implementation has given me a range of valuable skills and experience that can help you and your business - I offer so much more than just web design!

I have run Peak Net for a number of years helping customers of all shapes and sizes - from sole traders to large corporates and everyone in between.

Nancy Detchon- Peak Net Web Designer

I particularly love helping women, like you, get the confidence and results that come with a great brand, a great plan and a great website. I feel women are under supported and often lacking in confidence when it comes to "putting themselves out there" and using the technology that will help achieve their business dreams.

I've experienced, first hand, juggling life includng illness, raising a family, looking after elderly /poorly parents and running a business and it is hard.


This is where I come in because I've also come through the other side and my business and life experiences can help you​ to make your life easier!

Eliminate the overwhelm of a noisy confused brand and a lack of business direction.

Too many ideas, messages and lack of direction can leave your brand and business feeling disjointed, messy and over complicated.

Imagine how it would feel to feel the calm confidence of knowing exactly what to focus on with your brand - and what to get rid of.

Imagine being able to get on with the business of growing your business and earning money knowing that you are on top of your game.

Feel confident with a brand that is totally authentic and very "you".

I'll help you develop a brand that is clear, clean and high quality but is authentic to you and your personality.


We'll create a wonderful online presence and associated processes so that your dream clients sit up and take notice.


Together we'll create an online presence that  you feel proud of and excited by every time you show off your brand & website.

​Are you struggling to connect with your  ideal clients? How many clients are you losing with an unclear, cluttered brand and amateur looking online presence?

How much time, money and effort are you spending trying to figure out how to create content and build a brand that lacks a clear strategy?


Start connecting with and winning business with your ideal clients through Peak Clarity - the start of a journey that will elevate your business, eliminate brand clutter and confusion and put you on the path to business growth on your terms.


1. Let's Figure It Out

With an eye-opening Peak Clarity experience, we delve deep to figure out what your brand is all about and what you need to achieve. After our detailed conversation you will receive a clear written brief that identifies your business and brand opportunities and how you can set about achieving them and moving forward. The plan gives you direction to go the DIY route or the option to implement everything using our proven Peak Bootcamp method.

2. Make It Happen - Done For You!

I execute the recommended plan, quickly and professionally in a Peak Bootcamp. Peak Bootcamp is an intensive period of time dedicated to putting everything in place resulting in a clear and uncluttered brand, web site, messaging and visuals and a clear plan to promote it. Everything you need to grow your business.

3. Springboard!

With your new online presence you can start connecting with your perfect clients with confidence and the business of growing your business knowing that everything is in place and taken care of!

Enjoy the comfort, calm and great results that come with showing up confidently and consistently with an online presence you are proud of.

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