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Peak Off-The-Shelf Web Sites

Great Quality, Affordable, Wix Websites


A professionally created Wix website is a great investment and can really help you and your business hit the ground running.  However, in today's crazy financial climate - it's a bit of a scary decision to invest the money. Not everyone needs a fully bespoke, complicated website with all the bells and whistles - that's why I've come up with some great "economy busting" "off-the-shelf" options.


  • Spend Less - our packages are priced with the current economic climate in mind. I know that you still want to get your project off the ground and you need a cost effective way to have your cake and eat it. Fear not! Take a look at the options and see what fits your project?

  • Quick Turnaround - if you've got your content together and you can complete your Onboarding Questionnaire promptly I can turn your site around pretty damn quickly! Drop me a line before making a purchase to make sure our timelines will work for each other as we are quite popular (plus I sometimes have time off!)

  • Look Fantastic - I will create a professional and attractive website that represents your brand identity and personality to help you to attract your ideal customer and achieve your online goals.

  • Scaleability - whilst these packages are small and perfectly formed, they are still mighty! The beauty of Wix is that all sorts of features and systems can be bolted on as you grow and funds permit.

  • Still Bespoke To You - our new packages may be cost effective and quick turnaround, but that doesn't mean the look and feel is not high quality and bespoke to you.

  • Payment Options - I've also partnered up with a couple of payment providers who have Buy Now, Pay Later Options  - you can choose from PayPal or Klarna and apply for their credit options to spread the cost of your website over 3 or 4 months (subject to status).

Free yourself up to concentrate on your specialist subject, the business of running or starting your business and feel the calm confidence of knowing everything is being dealt with, your website will be fabulous and it's all affordable to you!

Simply select the option that best meets your needs or if you are not sure, check out our FAQ or get in touch for a chat first.

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