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Our Web Design Process

We’ve been designing and developing websites for a long time and in that time we’ve refined our web design process so that our customers get what they want and we all work more efficiently.  

  1. Defining your website requirements

  2. Defining the website structure

  3. Creating your design

  4. Building your website

  5. Testing your website

  6. Making your website live

  7. Support, maintenance & follow up

Defining Your Requirements

The first phase of the process is to define the goals of the project. We’ll ask questions that will help us work out the purpose of the website and what it should help you or your brand to achieve, who your target audience is and what they want, who your competitors are and what they do with their websites.

Define The Website Structure

With a clear set of requirements, we will next look at your content and how to structure it in the form of a site map and how your customer will navigate through the website to find what they need.

Creating Your Design

Once the structure is defined, we’ll then create a visual design with all the elements representing your brand - colour scheme, fonts, photography etc. Based on your feedback we’ll then design key pages of the website. We’ll both review the design and see if it meets the requirements we outlined earlier and make sure that it’s easy for the customer to use.

Building Your Website

Once the final design is signed off we’ll build the website so that it works regardless of what type of device or browser your customer uses.

Testing Your Website

Once your website is built, we will test it against the requirements we created earlier in the project, test in all modern browsers and various mobile devices and check for errors, typos and broken links. We will ask you to do some checking as well.

Website Launch

Once we are all happy that testing is complete, the website will be made live.

Support, Maintenance & Follow Up

We offer various support and maintenance packages to help you maintain and update your website.

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