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Choose Wix ?

Why I Chose Wix

Everything That You Need For Web Success!

Whilst Wix may have started life as a DIY/hobby builder’s tool, Wix websites are used by professional businesses around the world. The platform is very robust, has a superb security record and excels at SEO (search engine optimisation) so that your site can be found.


So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Wix is a professional website platform for any sized business.


As a professional web design company, we’ve worked with a range of other platforms and built our own software over the years but I've now settled on Wix as it’s the best option for most of our clients for so many reasons.

I work with Wix all day, everyday and it’s a great platform for professional designers providing great functionality and performance and making life easy for our clients because of its flexibility and ease of use. I know the platform and it's tools inside and out, and have a close working relationship with Wix through our own dedicated Wix Partner Manager.


Here's why we believe it's the best choice for our customers:

Quick Results

Thanks to Wix's drag-and-drop editor and our web design and project management skills the turnaround time for creating Wix websites from scratch can be less than a week, allowing you to have your brand new, professionally designed, website up and running quickly.

Once I’ve built your site, it is very easy for you to edit the site yourself without the need for coding or specialist technical skills.


This means you can make changes yourself using the drag-and-drop technology enables you to take control, feel confident and make changes to your website.

Value For Money

You get a significant amount of functionality and an easy to use system for a great price. Wix offer , hosting plans with different benefits, that suit different budgets and businesses - from the most basic to enterprise level hosting for bigger businesses.

Mobile Device Friendly

Wix made websites work well on all devices so you can be sure that your website will look good whatever device your customers are using - be it desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile.

Continuous Development

Wix is a huge company that is always developing new functionality, features, updates and products daily. You can be sure that your website will grow and develop in response to your needs and industry development.

Superb Security

Wix hosting is reliable and ensures that you can be confident your webite is safe. Your hosting comes with an inbuilt SSL certificate and they handle all software updates so there is zero effort on your part unlike other site builders where you have to implement sute updates yourself.

Bolt On Apps

Wix is not more than just a website builder. It is a powerful marketing tool with many additional apps.

Wix has hundreds of apps in their Wix App Store that enable you to bolt on additional functionality and integrate with third party systems safely and easily. 

Search Engine Friendly

Wix SEO comes as standard with your website - I will work with you to ensure your site is SEO ready and register it with Google. Wix provides you with an ongoing means of working on & improving your SEO and will help outline things you can improve.

24/7 Support

Here at Peak Net I do have to sleep sometimes and have time off! However, you can be assured that whatever the time of day (or night) Wix has your back with their 24/7 Wix Support.

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