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Our Green Credentials

Our ‘green credentials' statement has been put together to set out standards for our business to follow to do our bit in making the world a better place. We strive to be a sustainable business which works in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner to minimise our carbon footprint.

1. We try to buy products that are recycled or from sustainable sources as often as possible and by doing this we aim to have a much lower impact on the environment.

2. We recycle as much as we possibly can – paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, metals, ink/toner cartridges, computer hardware.

3. We email all quotes, invoices and correspondence to keep paper printing to a minimum.

4. Our office is home-based and it is important to us to be as energy efficient as possible. We make sure we turn the lights off, turn the taps off, turn off the computers and printers when we are not using them.

5. Wherever possible we use local companies or bulk order to keep transportation to a minimum

6. We work with the following key suppliers who all have good sustainability credentials:

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