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Crowdfire Social Media Management

I'm often asked what I use or would recommend to manage the slog that is social media.

At this point, I have to add that I am terrible at maintaining my own social media presence as I am often elbow deep in building websites!

However, what I have found good and at a reasonable monthly subscription is the Crowdfire social media management solution.

It helps businesses of all shapes and sizes from agencies to one (wo)man bands and helps to drive customer engagement across platforms and makes updating your social media accounts much less time cosuming.

Key features of the system include:

  • Content publishing

  • Content curation

  • Bulk scheduling

  • Article and image curation

  • Hashtag recommendation

  • Customer service management

  • Post analytics

Here's a video that gives you a quick and easy walkthrough:

If, like me, you are determined to get stuck in and make social media work for your business in 2023, then this tool might be just what you are looking for.

It's easy and affordable and helps you take control of the juggling process that is social media. Take a look at Crowdfire.


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