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Peak Rewards

Help someone get a brilliant website & great service!


Peak Rewards is web design referral program aimed at saying thank you to our clients, friends and business colleagues for the new business that they pass my way. By sharing your positive experience of working with me or knowing me and my business, you help share my knowledge and expertise with like-minded people. By bridging the gap between your contacts who need help with their website and my expertise, you will receive a Peak Reward as my thank you!

Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful form of promoting local business, and I want to give you the chance to earn for every successful website referral you send my way, through my website referral scheme. I'm proud of the websites I create and the customer service I provide and I have impeccable feedback so your contacts are in safe hands!

For Current Clients

If you are an existing Peak Net client, you can choose from £100.00 cash paid into your bank account, or 2.5 hours of maintenance/updates on your site worth £150.00)​

For External Referrals

If you aren’t an existing Peak Net client and you make a successful referral, you get the £100.00 paid into your bank account.​


Speak to your friends and business connections

When you find out that your contact is in need of a new website recommend me and point them in the direction of my website. Ask them if it is OK for me to contact them. If yes, you complete the Peak Rewards Referral Form. Alternatively, they can contact us directly but they must mention your name for you to be eligible for the reward.

Proposal & Sign Up

After finding out their requirements and seeing if we are a good fit to work together I will provide a quote. Once they confirm and have paid their deposit, I get started, creating a fabulous website that they'll love and once their final payment is made, you get your cash reward (or invoice credit)!

Enjoy Your Treat!

Whether it’s a trip to the hairdressers or beauty salon, some new clothes, a nice meal or money towards this month's electricity bill, updates to your website - you can spend your money or credit as you wish on treats just for you. You can then go find another friend in need of a website and we'll do it all over again!


1. Complete this form to register for the scheme


2. Approval

Once you've registered for Peak Rewards you will receive a confirmation that you are "on the list" and that I know you will be actively referring business our way. You'll receive a link to the Peak Rewards Referral Form so you can then send me referrals and I'll know to allocate them to you.


A Successful Referral

In order to get your reward, your referral must meet the following criteria:

  • You must fill in the form or contact me by some other means and be a registered Referrer below before the client contacts me. We will then contact the client on the details given. If the client contacts us directly they must mention your name so that we know to allocate the referral to you.

  • The referred client must sign up for, and have paid in full for their web design project. 

  • You do not work for, or are not related to the referred client/business

  • Your referral payment will be made upon the final balance being received from the client. As a rule I charge a 50% deposit and remainder is payable when the website is made life or within 30 days of the project commencing whichever is soonest.

  • Referrals are not valid for projects below £1000 in value. Project value is purely for the design services I offer and excludes hosting and peripheral items such as domain names, email accounts and website hosting.

  • Referral must be currently in businesses, currently trading with no outstanding county court judgements.

  • The referral must be a business Peak Net Web Design has not worked with before.

  • Payment will be received once the referral project has been completed and the client has paid the quoted balance in full.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions about how the Peak Rewards website referral program works. 


Fantastic! Worth twice the price!

Nancy is absolutely FANTASTIC! She responds incredibly quickly to messages, is super-efficient and really detail oriented. Her experience is a real asset, and she was able to advise me about things that could be added to the site to market myself better and to improve the client's experience. I found this aspect to be incredibly useful and a great support. Nancy is also really easy to communicate with. She is really warm and friendly; she's a very positive person, very helpful, and she has lots of energy. Her work ethic amazed me, I genuinely felt like we were a team working towards the same goal. She really cares about getting things right for the client and she takes real pride in her work. I have no hesitation in recommending Peak Net Ltd. She has the experience, the communication skills, the work ethic and the know-how to build a gorgeous website for you.

Book her now - she's worth twice the price!

- Clare Lumsden at Arrowdale Holiday Cottage - 

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