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Is Your Content Hitting The Spot?

Updated: Jul 8

Understanding the Difference Between Sterile and Situational Content

In the world of online content, you might hear terms like "sterile content" and "situational content." Understanding the difference between these two can help you create better content for your website or blog. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What is Sterile Content?

Sterile content is like a basic, all-purpose recipe that you can use anytime and includes:

  • General Information - such as facts and tips that are always relevant. (eg: 10 Tips for Better Sleep)

  • Evergreen Content - information that doesn't change much over time. (eg: Basic Car Maintenance)

Why Use Sterile Content?

  • Timelessness - it stays relevant for a long time.

  • Stability - it attracts visitors consistently over time.

  • Simplicity - it's easier to create because it doesn't require updates.

When to Use Sterile Content

  • When you want to provide general knowledge or advice.

  • When creating guides or how-to articles that won't change often.

  • When building a foundation of content that can attract steady traffic.

What is Situational Content?

Situational content is like a special recipe for a holiday—it’s perfect for a specific time or situation. It includes:

  • Current Events - news or trends happening right now. (eg: Top Tech Gadgets of 2024)

  • Seasonal Topics - information relevant to certain times of the year. (eg: Best Summer Vacation Spots)

Why Use Situational Content?

  • Relevance - It captures the interest of people looking for current information.

  • Timeliness - It can attract a lot of attention in a short period.

  • Engagement - It’s great for connecting with what’s happening now.

When to Use Situational Content

  • When covering news, trends, or seasonal events.

  • When you want to boost traffic quickly with timely topics.

  • When engaging with your audience about current issues or events.

How to Balance Both Types

For a successful website or blog, it's important to have a mix of both sterile and situational content. Here’s how you can balance them:

1. Plan Your Content Calendar- schedule regular posts with sterile content and add situational content based on upcoming events or trends.

2. Update Regularly - keep your sterile content fresh by reviewing and updating it occasionally. Post situational content to stay relevant and engage with current topics.

3. Engage Your Audience - use sterile content to attract and retain long-term visitors. Use situational content to spark discussions and connect with your audience on timely issues.

Mordy Oberstein who is Head of SEO Branding at Wix is convinced that following an algorithm update in March of this year Google is looking to move past sterile content and instead present the user with content that accounts for the context of the query—as in, the user’s particular situation. Read more here.

Understanding the difference between sterile and situational content can help you create a well-rounded website or blog. Sterile content provides a solid foundation that remains useful over time, while situational content keeps your site dynamic and engaging by addressing current trends and events that might see you noticed more by Google.

Understanding the Difference Between Sterile and Situational Content - Desk and laptop


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by Nancy Detchon - Director at Peak Net Ltd

Business Professional with 30+ Years Experience - Wix Web Design - 5* Wix Legend Partner - Female Business Owner - Micro Business Champion

A business professional and website designer with 30+ years of experience in Director level business management, project management and software implementation. A high level Wix Partner committed to providing creative web design solutions with excellent functionality, all without breaking the bank. I'm here to help you hit the ground running, allowing you to concentrate on your specialist subject – the business of running your business.


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