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Women Supporting Women!

I am fortunate enought to have joined a group called Simply Great Britain which is a fabulously supportive group for micro businesses, like me - one or 2 man/woman businesses, and over the time since I joined I have become loud and proud about being a micro business - bigger is not always better and micro is fabulous. The Simply community really has changed my little world and I've come to know the owner, Emily, really well.

Working with like minded people unlocks the power of relationships and when women come together - there really is a bit of magic about it! After spending time getting to know me, Emily decided she wanted to work with me to produce a new website for Simply GB. And so we set about, plotting and scheming. It was a great project!

It was a big challenge but we had a fab time bringing all Emily's plans and ideas together and it was quite easy to "get the vibe" as we had bonded and I really understood (and felt from the heart) the Simply ethos. I brought a wide range of skills & experience to the table as well as the sense of humour that Emily had become used to as well as the ability to push Emily a bit in directions that she may have been fearful of! We complemented each other's skills and knowledg really well. And so, a wonderful new Simply GB website was born - Emily was brave enough to take some of my ideas onboard and when we mixed both our ideas and skills together - we both ended up exicted and so proud of the outcome!

As a result of working together it made me do something a bit brave (in my head anyway!) - I did a podcast episode with her. Those that know me, appreciate that this is right outside my comfort zone but I'm sharing it here. A bit of background about me, my life and how I ended up "doing websites" and creating a microbusiness life that I love:

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