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Guest Book Ideas From TripAdvisor

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

When your guests arrive, chances are they’re brimming with excitement to explore their new destination… but do they know where to start? They might be spending valuable vacation hours doing research and running out of time to see everything before the end of their trip.

Guest Book Ideas From Tripadvisor

As an owner or property manager, how can you solve this?

You probably know the area better than anyone and are the best person to advise guests on what to do and where to go. Granted you can’t be your guest’s tour guide 24/7! But here’s what you can do – invest a little time and effort to create a guest guide book.

A personalised guide book can contain useful information about the local area and will help guests who are new to the place get situated. It’ll mean they can start enjoying the best your destination has to offer right away – without all that time-consuming research and planning.

If you’re just getting started putting a guide book together, here are some ideas of what to include to make it as a relevant and useful for guests as possible.

1. Local Amenities

Providing details of local amenities–from local convenience stores to pharmacies–is a great way of reducing the amount of thinking guests have to do while on vacation. We’ve listed some basic ideas below – but think about your particular area to give guests the best possible advice.

2. Near by Attractions and Activities

Nice as your rental is, guests are probably going to want to venture outside and explore the area. Be sure to include information about the best local attractions and things to do, and try to cater for all ages and interests. This is where you can use your local knowledge to seriously impress guests. Bear in mind:

  • Do any popular attractions need booking in advance?

  • Check for special offers, coupons or promotions for nearby activities

3. History of the House / Local Area

One thing guests really enjoy is a bit of history about the local area, especially at the beginning of their stay. It helps give them a real flavour of the place and some insight into its character. Basic historical information is usually available online on sites such as Wikipedia, but many regions and locations have their own dedicated websites. You’ll often discover some great details, from local legends to recent improvements and developments in the area.

Guests are often interested in the story behind where they’re staying, too. Why did you choose that place to start your rental? Does your family have a special connection to the area? Tell guests about it! Adding depth and interest is a great way to improve your guest experience, establish rapport and help them make an emotional connection with your rental.

Top Tips

  • Think Like A Guest - Always try to look at your guide book from a guest’s perspective – as a local, it’s easy to overlook the simple things that guests new to the area might struggle with.

  • Encourage Guests To Contribute - Your guests’ experiences will be useful for future visitors to your rental, so encourage them to contribute to your guide book.

  • Keep It Up To Date - The information in your guide book, especially restaurants, will change over time. Organising it in a ring binder will make it quick and easy to update in the future.

  • Start With TripAdvisor - Check out tips and recommendations from TripAdvisor’s travel community. You’ll find inspiration from travel guides and restaurants to things to do around the area more.

Source: TripAdvisor


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