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Keyword Research & Wix

Having a strong focus topic is becoming increasingly important for driving organic traffic from Google to your website. What’s more, establishing your focus topic helps to both refine your site’s overall identity and your target audience.

One way to approach this journey towards topic and audience refinement is to choose the right focus keywords for your website.

Wix has now partnered with SEO toolset provider Semrush to give Wix users the data they need to better establish the focus of their websites.

Semrush is a leading provider of SEO-related data. The platform helps you to better understand your digital presence as well as that of your competition.

Semrush focuses on the keyword research data it provides and integrates that data into the initial SEO Setup Checklist (formerly known as the SEO Wiz) found inside the Wix dashboard.

This data can enable you to refine the core topics (referred to in the SEO Setup Checklist as “keywords”) that are used as part of the foundational SEO setup for your Wix website.

By refining the core topics (again, more commonly referred to as “keywords”) you give your site a better chance to rank on the search engine results page (SERP), target qualified traffic, and ultimately bring in more revenue.

Good quality content focuses on the user, not on having certain key phrases in certain places. If you set your sights on creating well-structured content that is focused and speaks to a target audience, you’ll likely create content that follows SEO best practices as a natural result.

It’s all about quality content that makes the user’s experience as seamless and purposeful as possible. If you create content that aligns with that credo, you can’t go wrong.

Peak Net is a Wix Legend Partner, meaning that Wix and their systems are our specialist subject! Contact us today to have a chat about your website requirements.


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