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Key Takeaways From The Google SEO Document Leak

Updated: Jul 8

There is a ton of information floating around about what the Google SEO document leak means and how we can use it to our advantage. Here are some of the kep points, translated into "human" so you can see how Google's algorithm affects you and your website.

As I always say - it largely comes down to creating good quality content that is helpful to your target audience plus the proven SEO techniques that I use as standard every time I build a website.

1. Chrome User Data is Used in Rankings

What this means: Google uses data from Chrome users to help decide how to rank websites.

Action: Focus on improving user engagement and behavior on your site. Make sure your website is easy to use and provides a great experience for visitors.


2. Click Data and User Engagement Matter

What this means: Google looks at different types of click data (like good clicks and bad clicks) to determine rankings.

Action: Create high-quality content that keeps users interested. Pay attention to metrics like click-through rates and how long visitors stay on your pages.


3. PageRank & Link Diversity Remain Important

What this means: Getting links from other sites and having a variety of these links is still important for ranking.

Action: Work on getting diverse, high-quality backlinks from different sources. Keep up with changes in Google's ranking signals to stay effective.


4. Authorship is Recognised

What this means: Google can identify who wrote content and considers this in rankings.

Action: Use content creators (writers/authors) with strong reputations. Showcase their expertise with author bio pages that highlight their credentials.


5. Special Treatment for YMYL Websites

What this means: Websites that affect people’s happiness, health, finances, or safety (like medical or financial advice sites) have unique ranking factors.

Action: If your site falls into this category, focus on credibility, accuracy, and user trust in your SEO strategies.


6. Freshness Matters

What this means: Google values new and up-to-date content.

Action: Regularly update your content to keep it fresh. Getting links from new pages also helps show that your site is current and relevant.


7. Topical Relevance Matters

What this means: Google checks if a webpage is related to the main topic of your website.

Action: Plan your content to stay on topic and showcase your expertise. Avoid straying too far from your main areas of focus.


Google’s Response

Google has acknowledged the leak but warns against drawing too many conclusions from potentially outdated or incomplete information. They emphasise the importance of sticking to proven SEO practices (which is what I practice at Peak Net anyway!)

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by Nancy Detchon - Director at Peak Net Ltd

Business Professional with 30+ Years Experience - Wix Web Design - 5* Wix Legend Partner - Female Business Owner - Micro Business Champion

A business professional and website designer with 30+ years of experience in Director level business management, project management and software implementation. A high level Wix Partner committed to providing creative web design solutions with excellent functionality, all without breaking the bank. I'm here to help you hit the ground running, allowing you to concentrate on your specialist subject – the business of running your business.


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