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Wix e-Commerce Solutions

The Wix e-Commerce Team have turned some of our top feature requests into reality, making the Wix e-Commerce solution more powerful than ever!

1. Unique Subscription Cycles It's now possible to enhance subscriber acquisition by creating unique billing cycles.

  • Offer flexible subscription plans to your customers

  • Cater to different shopper needs with more tiered plans

  • Track shopper preferences and discover optimal packages

  • Set better billing cycles for the nature of your products

2. Reward And Retain Loyal Customers Incentivise customers to make repeat purchases, and enhance their overall shopping experience with the new Wix Loyalty program.

  • Determine how your customers earn points or rewards

  • Run members-only promotions and discounts

  • Access insights to understand your customers better

  • Track the program’s success from your dashboard

3. Offer An Immersive Shopping Experience Help customers visualise your products by adding the Zakeke Product Customizer and the Zakeke 3D/AR Viewer apps to your store.

  • Allow customers to view personalisations before purchasing products

  • Boost customer engagement with real-time 3D/AR product previews

  • Stand out from competition by offering semi-realistic product previews

  • Add 3D/AR previews to marketing emails and internal catalogues

4. Enable Custom Amounts For Gift Cards Give your customers the freedom to input their desired amount for gift card purchases.

  • Allow customers to choose the amount that's right for them

  • Accommodate requests for gift cards of sentimental or symbolic values

  • Offer a more personalised shopping experience to your customers

  • Set minimum and maximum amounts that work for your business

5. Set Pick-up Points For Orders Pick-up points allow customers to collect orders from specified locations according to their time and availability. A lot of customers prefer this option because, usually, it’s more economical for them to collect an order than to pay for home delivery.

6. Offer Time-Specific Deliveries Streamline your delivery timelines with a calendar that allows customers to pick a delivery window on a particular date. This means that your customers can better plan their schedules and ensure their orders arrive in time for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

7. Place Orders On Behalf Of Customers Provide assistance to customers by placing and editing orders for them through the dashboard. You can also collect payments using the customer’s credit card details or by creating and sending an invoice to be paid by the customer.

Wix New E-Commerce Features


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